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The Russian line of bees is not a mite free bee there are no bees out there that arebut it is a highly mite resistant bee that actively fends off mites. Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Always look to see the first interactions between the Russian Queen and the workers. Tubbs et al reports that: Additionally, their prices have declined in recent years and can be bought for the about the same price as Italians or Carniolans. Best practice is to leave the queen cells alone, check for eggs.

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Come back and check the nuc in days to look for eggs and verify a successful introduction.

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In addition, it has been observed that in hives with screened bottom boards, Russian colonies showed Varroa mites with missing appendages and bite marks. Hive Minded Silence of the Bees. Whichever deep has eggs in it also has the queen. Beekeepers have been keeping mite populations down at great effort and expense, using miticides such as Apistan fluvalinate. There were massive losses of colonies across the country which continues to threaten the Italian honey bee today.

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russian bee breeders association russian
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russian bee breeders association russian
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