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It should also be pointed out that the La Jolla midget town probably comes from the following source: Lisa of Oakland, California on said: Does anyone know of the rumor of midget town to exist in Claremont? Map Add a Comment! Rivergrove Dr, Downey, CA Only they could fit into the areas to complete the planes.

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I turned and I saw a bush rattling around and i could see little feet running behind the bush.

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Its tucked away out of view along side the river bed. I miss those days and I look forward to visit this and other places in California in August. A courtyard in the middle of the property was sometimes used as a fairground or a farmers' market. And the stories, of course, link it to the actors in the Wizard of Oz, stating that the actors thought there would be more lucrative Hollywood jobs and wished to set up a community close enough to the area. The stories usually involve some kid hitting a baseball over the community's fence, and upon climbing over the fence to retrieve the missing ball, the kid is chased out by angry mean looking midgets. There were cars parked in driveways and on the dirt roads but we did not see a single person. A friends Grandma lived in one.

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midget town california
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