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When the girls find out, they realize they must now fight to see who gets second-place with the professor. Then, in one simple motion, she slides down on top of that prick and she starts riding him with wild thrusts as her slutty friends keep rubbing on their vaginas, to keep the pussies warm. Three naughty college girls threaten their professor and gangbang him. She knocks on the door, but of course nobody is going to open. He really does have the stamina and the confidence to fuck his teacher silly.

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Today my horny girlfriend literally begged me to fuck right in the middle of the room with all those people around.

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These girls were freaks, and I got to fuck all 3 of them! When they first told me that I was working on Christmas day as Santa I was really bummed out because I thought my holidays were ruined, but I changed my mind when I got an order from a group of horny college girls! I held on to her hips and drove my cock deep into her pussy over and over. The hot college girl decideds to let him to taste a pussy! Everyone gets to orgasm a few times and the guy cums all over the naked girls and gets his juice all over their faces and shit. American culture sure fucked up this holy day. Her career is now seriously compromised and she has to do something about it.

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