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Katie not only loves to be spanked but she is very creative and descriptive about spanking in the stories and articles on her Spanking Kate James blog. I know it will bring back personal memories for me also and regardless of which one wins … WE all win being able to see it. A person who wants to please and serve me. As a bottom I am offering my whole self to Rifferus. You seem to react a lot to being spanked, this is great and makes your scenes look amazing. My least favorite are hairbrushes or wooden spoons. I am finishing up a degree, and just working as much as I can!

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I wrote a paper on corporal punishment, and that opened the doors to the world I now thrive in.

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Perhaps this is because that is the total opposite of who I was in high school. Like any good top should be. Yet, they are never truly lost. Animal rescue- mainly dogs. This is a shocking fantasy even for myself because I was never a girl who wanted to marry anyone until fairly recently. Summer Job and Flashback are not far behind. My second choice is Flashback.

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