Black shaved heels

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Thyroid problems have also been known to cause cracked heels. Cracked heels are one of the most common foot issues that can arise if you don't pay proper attention. Ideally you should apply moisture to your feet twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed [7]. Her cracked feet are fine now. Cracked Heels and Feet In other languages: Sticking with certain kinds of footwear, or no footwear at all, can dry out the skin around the heel [2]. This can result in cracked heels, and other ailments, over time [1].

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Diabetes, for example, can decrease the moisture supply to the body, therewith resulting in more overall dryness.

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Black Heels

Keep a dressing on it, and change it at least twice a day until bleeding stops completely [8]. Examine your heels for signs of dry skin and cracking [6]. Cracked Heels and Feet. To prevent your heels from cracking in the future, avoid wearing sandals too often. When dry skin accumulates on your heel, it forms into a callus. Dry skin, and wrong footwear, won't necessarily result in cracked heels for everyone.

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black shaved heels
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black shaved heels
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