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Nitric oxide has an inhibitory role on the ejaculation process 1. Support Center Support Center. Masters W, Johnson V. Ferrari F, Giuliani D. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Regional brainstem expression of Fos associated with sexual behavior in male rats. Prostatic massage orgasms are thought to be more intense and diffuse than penile stimulation orgasms, but they require time and practice and are not liked by many men 2026

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Anatomical and pathoanatomical studies on the spinal efferent systems innervating pelvic structures.

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Pelvic floor muscles involved in ejaculation are androgen dependent. The nPGI nucleus likely plays an inhibitory role in ejaculation as evidenced through the urethrogenital reflex experimental model, a rat model for the expulsion phase of ejaculation 73 It receives neuronal input from the hypogastric and pelvic nerves in addition to the caudal paravertebral sympathetic chain Prolactin Hyperprolactinemia has a marked inhibitory effect on male sexual desire Further research on the SGE spinal center is still needed, and it is unclear whether it contains other cells than lumbar spinothalamic cells.

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