Through the looking glass domination

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Stay away from pyramid schemes, candle parties, boob enhancers, and penis growers. Drivers dont design or manufacture cars. When Perseus slays Medusa, he does so without looking directly at her, instead using his highly polished shield as a mirror. Yeah, that was true for the better part of and the second half of How about some onomatopoeia for various vomiting sounds It has a transparent plastic front, so you can see the contents.

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I think if not for Lewis Carroll far fewer Americans would even have ever heard the term.

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I can't remember what it was, though. Read the full Posting Guidelines before submitting content. The book has been adapted several times, in combination with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and as a stand-alone film or television special. Views Read Edit View history. In common usage today according to standard dictionaries the terms are interchangeable; but historically mirror was a broader term, as my answer below attempts to document. It will likely be some time before we see that kind of dominance again, if we ever see it again.

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through the looking glass domination
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through the looking glass domination
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