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Implications for modeling pair-bond stability. How well does paternity confidence match actual paternity? Classical conditioning, as discussed earlier, is a process by which a neutral stimulus is paired with a primary reinforcer, like sexual pleasure or orgasm, which thereby makes the neutral stimulus in itself reinforcing. Neurophysiological, psychological, and evolutionary perspectives. However, some have expressed skepticism that ancestral or modern female humans might have benefitted greatly from polyandrous behaviors Birkhead, In an effort to move the debate forward, we decided to investigate the phenomenon of sperm retention — possibly through orgasmic insuck — directly in human females.

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It was left up to the women themselves to decide this.

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Do Women Pretend Orgasm to Retain a Mate?

Attractiveness, masculinity, and symmetry have been associated with health as they are expensive signals to produce Rantala et al. Archives of et al. Furthermore, it appears that female orgasm does perform some sort of sperm-retention function. What juicy burgers, Ferraris, pornography, and gift giving reveal about human nature. This is one reason why same-sex sexual behavior has been seen as a mystery to biology and psychology; how can a behavior that offers no possibility of direct reproductive success be maintained in the population? There is some evidence of mate choice-copying in humans e.

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copulation female orgasm
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copulation female orgasm
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