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So I booked a room for us that night at the Beverly Hills Hotel. He Howard Stern seemed determined to know what had a made a girl like me become a porn star. And these girls, some of whom have the potential to become major stars in the industry, go home afterward and pledge never to do it again because it was such a terrible experience. The only people I trusted were Steve and Joy. I wanted someone to share my excitement with. And since it takes two to make a good sex scene, I felt that he was fucking my career up.

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But when I met all these people, I realized I was nothing.

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How To Sleep With A Pornstar: Tana Lea Confesses Why She LOVES Sleeping With Fans

So, as the relationship progressed, it became harder and harder for him to fuck me, because he was caught in a double bind. A Cautionary Taleby Jenna Jameson. You never know what kind of lifestyle people are leading off the set. A Reference Handbook"by Joseph W. Some say that work is the enemy of all natural erotic impulses, that it kills off your sexual desires and channels them elsewhere. For hours, I rehearsed what I was going to say in my head.

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