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Vellus hair is differentiated from the more visible terminal or androgenic hairwhich develops only during and after pubertyusually to a greater extent on men than it does on women. Naturally, I hated her. Due to genetics, some people maintain a larger amount of these tiny hairs after puberty. I rinsed my upper lip with cold water, trying hard not to swallow any of the goo because God knows, my teeth are white enough. Try an at-home hair removal device.

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Comparison of the vellus hair left to the terminal hair right in humans.

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What Is Vellus Hair?

Tackling individual hairs at their root can be particularly helpful for the types of facial hair with larger follicles: Not this woman, anyway. Some people say it…. Hormonal fluctuations in pregnant women cause foetal vellus hair to change to terminal hair. This is like a teenage boy going puberty. You can't just get rid of it. Seizure Led to FloJo's Death.

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peach fuzz on her body
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peach fuzz on her body
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